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After the highs of Christmas and ringing in of the New Year, what better to continue that excitement of the season then planning all the big and little details for your special day? Planning your wedding day and looking for unique yet elegant ways to make it the most enjoyable and memorable day of your life can be stressful so here are some tips;

  • Make it personal – every couple is different and your personal style should be reflected in everything from menus to music, from candles, to colour schemes. Speak to your wedding co-ordinator, they will have some great ideas and even better industry contacts to help you with all the little touches.
  • It's the little things - It doesn't need to cost a fortune - you can spend as much or as little as you want and in fact you'll find some of the little details that cost “cents” are what your guests will remember the most.
  • Google – Search the internet for images I would suggest a Pinterest account for keeping all ‘online' picture finds together.
  • Delegate!!! Often one person takes on the task of planning the wedding all by themselves. But remember a wedding is about the two of you, include your fiancé in the choices; delegate tasks to him/her. Remember also that bridesmaids are there to help too… choose yours wisely and use them!
  • Remember to enjoy every minute – Relax and be present, don't fall out with friends and family over seating plans. Remember your wedding day is about you and the person you love not what your second cousins neighbour thinks of your bouquet. Take time on the day to spend time together and savor every moment. 

Best of luck with all the planning and if you're looking for a hotel in Dublin for your big day make sure to check out the great new packages and exciting ideas we have planned for weddings at the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown!

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