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The Tralee Triathlon will be held here on 29th June and the Carlton Hotel Tralee is partnered as the premier place to stay for the event. So, needless to say it is important for all involved that registration levels are high. “How can we help?” I asked at a planning meeting. The next thing I knew was I was being handed a wetsuit, “See you on Wednesday down at the Canal” Jim Breen, Founder of TriGrandPrix replied. “The launch will take place there... the most effective photos will be those ones of us jumping in to the canal so we can dispel any myths of the quality of the water as well as raise the event's profile”. 
I walked out of that meeting in a daze... what had just happened in there? Why didn't I decline the request? The next two days were a mix of emotions I can tell you. I had a tennis match going on in my head about the jump; I have to get out of it somehow versus Oh, it will be OK... could even be fun!
Wednesday came and so did the black clouds, gale force winds and rain... It was freezing!! I turned up to the ramp to be greeted by local press and freelance photographers as well as Carlton staff and of course my own family. Proper little celebrity I was! Jim came bouncing down the ramp and jumped straight in to get acclimatised. Following him was ChoosetoTri founder, June O'Connell, and two others. Delicately tip-toeing down the ramp was like walking the line in the Arctic. Jim and the lads were splashing around and having fun at that stage while the on-lookers under their umbrellas were smiling at me with pity in their eyes. By the time the water was at my knees I knew it was time to 'just do it' and get wet, so I lunged in - as ladylike as possible of course.
The next thing I knew we were climbing a pontoon ready for the big jump! Cameras were poised, spectators were amped and we were ready………next thing we were underwater and coming up for air, exhilarated! It was a funny experience to say the least. And what got me more than anything was that it was my mental barrier that was the hardest thing to overcome. The weather, the water and the jump were easy. Our physical bodies can do so much but it is our minds that often pull us back.
The event itself has a number of distances to suit all fitness levels. From a short beginner's triathlon to Olympic distances, there is something for everyone and can be completed alone or in teams. There is even a bootcamp leading up to the event should you want to get a bit serious about it all and train!
So…..I guess you're wondering if I have signed up for the event... will have to register yourself and see on the day!

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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