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Summer holidays are never-ending when you are looking for new and exciting things to do with the family. Thankfully we have got you sorted this summer. We have teamed up with 5 local attractions in the area and are giving away free family passes for each of the local attractions from the 12th to the 25th of July on our Facebook page


WHAT NOT TO MISS this summer

Discover Ancestors & A Dead Interesting Tour at Glasnevin Cemetery

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The whole family can explore the City of the dead where original artefacts, exhibits, audio visual and immersive touch screen technology unravel the layers of bygone times. They also offer a free €5 genealogy search voucher with every museum ticket. For summer 2017, the new tour of Glasnevin Cemetery, aptly named ‘Dead Interesting’ gives an alternative view of the varied heritage that Ireland’s largest cemetery holds and the history within its walls. Kids will love hearing the telling the unusual and quirky stories of some personalities buried within its walls.

EPIC the Interactive Emigration Museum (CHQ Custom House Quay)

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Epic boasts that it can do 900 years of history in 90 minutes with an innovative use of touch screens, including the biggest iPad in Ireland! Step through 20 themed galleries on a journey to discover the stories of Irish emigration around the world. Find out why people left, see how they influenced the world they found, and experience the connection between their descendants and Ireland today.



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The Iconic Stadium Steeped In History And Culture That The Whole Family Will Enjoy. Ranked As One Of The Best Things To Do In Dublin, The Stadium Tour Offers A Truly Unique And Unforgettable Day Out! Enjoy All Of The State-Of-The-Art Interactive Visitor Experience And Find Out More About Ireland’s Unique National Games Gaelic Football And Hurling - The Fastest Field Game In The World.



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An exciting new visitor attraction that uncovers the fantastic story of Irish whiskey. Learn the origins of Irish whiskey, its rise to glory and its dramatic fall and discover some new Irish whiskey brands.  Children will love the wonderful stories by our entertaining guides as they will bring them through the ages of Irish whiskey. For the adults you can enjoy a little sample of Irish whiskey & become a true master of whiskey tasting.  For the kids they will leave with a unique souvenir to bring home.


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Castle Dracula is one for Families with kids over 14. Travel back in Time & Enjoy a Heart-thumping Visit to the Castle of Dracula where you will meet the Weird and Wonderful Characters from the Story of Dracula and Learn about Irish writer Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula and was born beside Castle Dracula in Dublin.  Brave Guests journey through the Dark Castle Tunnels, over Spinning Bridges to Lucy's Courtyard, up to Dracula's Lair and down to the Worlds only Graveyard Theatre for a Show where they promise not to bite. Castle Dracula is a really Fun experience for all the family.

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