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The 32 beautiful Roses arrived late last night and have spent their first night of three here at the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown. To make them feel at home they each recieved a box of Lily O Brien's chocolates in their rooms when they arrived! At the moment they are up and about looking excited and a bit nervous as their interviews take place today with the Judges.
If you call down to us here at the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown you might even spot newlywed Dáthí as he mixes and gets to know all the girls.....its a tough job but someone has to do it!!!!!
Tonight the girls head off in their custom tour bus to Newbridge Silverware but will be back in bed before the clock strikes 12! And if they are very lucky the Carlton Fairy might have left them another gift tonight!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on how the Roses are getting on as they visit some of the sights of Dublin plus I'll fill you in on how the preparations for tomorrow night's gala ball are going! It's all go here at the Carlton Blanchardstown at the moment.


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