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It was a late one last night at the Carlton Dublin Airport with Des Willoughby and Frankly Bublé entertaining us into the small hours. At one stage some of the Roses even joined in with Frankly Bublé on a rendition of Mustang Sally.

During dinner I found out about some of the antics the Roses got up to during their visit to the Dáil that afternoon. Apparently when they discovered that Kerry Senator Mark Daly was free and single he was a big hit, especially with all the single Roses vying for his attention!

I must congratulate Charmaine Kenny on her speech last night, she came across very well as she explained to the Roses the duties they have ahead of them. She encouraged them to make sure they enjoy every minute of the journey to Tralee, where the fun really begins at the festival. And apparently they have to master the art of getting ready in ten minutes (something I mastered years ago!).

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