Apprentice Week 7

2010-11-02 12:00:00

This week’s task for the candidates was set by Cadbury’s and involved creating a ‘Village Fun Day’ to promote the new Spots V Stripes campaign. The teams would each be sent to a small town where they would have to create and run a fun day. Again Bill chose the project managers himself and decided on Will for Elev8 and Michelle for Fusion. Another interesting condition he put on the candidates was that they were not allowed use the internet, so it was back to basics for the two teams!

Once they arrived at their location, both teams seemed to get off to a slow start and were in no rush to get anything done. The first element of their task was to create an original game to promote on the day. Fusion chose a game called ‘Crawl Ball’ using large gym balls and Elev8 created ‘Baa Baa Trap Sheep’, a game designed to herd children like sheep. Elev8’s game was slightly unusual but it was definitely a bit more creative than Fusion’s. Both teams then went on to create and distribute their flyers however, neither team used radio advertising which proved to be a big mistake.

On the day Elev8 had more people at their event but Cadbury’s chose Fusion as the winners as they felt their day was more organised and fun. Project manager Will McCreevey brought Nagaite Farag and Panos Zametakis back into the boardroom with him and Bill chose to fire Nagaite. I do think he made the right decision on this task as it was technically her error that led to the team not doing radio advertising which was a vital error.

The teams are starting to get a lot smaller and the stronger candidates are becoming more obvious so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform next week!

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