Apprentice Week 6

2010-10-26 11:00:00

The task for the candidates this week was another marketing challenge, this time for Ford to promote their new Fiestaval campaign. The teams were asked to create a calendar for Ford using photographs from a festival, depicting key party moments with the car. Again the task was not too difficult or so I thought!

One instruction Bill gave to the teams this week was to choose candidates who had not been project manager before to lead this task. Elev8 chose Sarah to lead their team and Fusion chose Jamie as their project manager. Both candidates seemed strong in previous tasks so I was expecting a lot from them in this task. However, once again the candidates failed to live up to the mark and neither team produced a great calendar.

Elev8 made a crucial mistake and left out the Ford logo and the Fiesta logo as well as getting the Facebook URL wrong. And if that wasn’t bad enough they only had one image of the car in the full twelve month calendar. Fusion had a very creative calendar and they included the Fiesta logo on all pages plus instructions on the Facebook competition. However, they made a huge business error and handed an incomplete project to the client as their calendar only had eleven months. I think the only thing that saved them was when they incorporated the blank month into the campaign by suggesting they use the winning Facebook photo for December. Ford must have agreed because they chose Fusion as the winners of this task.

Elev8 project manager Sarah O’Neill brought Nagaite Farag and David Cashman back into the boardroom with her. I was surprised that Sarah didn’t bring Panos back in as he seemed to contribute nothing to this task. Maybe her bad choice was the turning point on Bill’s decision but either way he decided Sarah should be fired.

I agree with Bill’s decision this week as it was a huge mistake on Elev8’s part to leave out the company logo and the project manager deserved to go even if only for that reason.

Posted By: Conor McLaughlin (2010-10-26 14:38:40)

Comment: To be honest, I think this years Apprentice is a disgrace. There are bound to be better more talented candidates in the country. But, there'll always be one winner, and thats Bill!

Posted By: Michael (2010-10-27 08:56:15)

Comment: All Bill really needs is one strong candidate and as with previous years I think it will just take one task for this year's winner to become clear.

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