Apprentice Week 4

2010-10-12 11:00:00

On this week’s show the Apprentice candidates took part in another direct sales task, this time for Ryobi tools. It was a straightforward task whereby the two teams had to set up a stand in Woodies and sell the tools, plus record a slot with Alan Hughes for Ireland AM.

Fusion decided on Kieran to be their project manager quite quickly but I don’t think David was too happy to be chosen as project manager for Elev8. It seemed that he was chosen by his team purely because he didn’t seem to want it, an unusual strategy but it worked for them in the end. The candidate that stood out the most in this task was definitely Niamh McDonald, who doesn’t have a sales background but performed extremely well in the task.

As always there was some drama during the task, this time with both teams! Michelle was stressed to find she didn’t have money to pay for the balloons from Elev8’s stand, having forgotten she had given it to David earlier in the day. Unfortunately David also seemed to forget, although I’m not sure why he didn’t just check his pockets! For Fusion the drama came when Tara prompted a child on their ‘guess how many nails’ competition. From her coaching the child went on to win a signed Shamrock Rovers jersey which is ethically wrong and Bill was right to be furious about it.

On the day Elev8 had higher sales and won the task by almost doubling Fusion’s sales. In my opinion Kieran made the wrong decision about who to bring back in the boardroom. He chose Ciara McManus and Tara Lee when he should have brought in Caroline McHugh instead of Ciara. I think if he had brought in Caroline then Tara would have been fired for fixing the competition but instead Bill had to fire Kieran as he let friendship get in the way of business.

Hopefully next week’s task will see one of the weaker candidates fired but we’ll just have to wait and see!

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