Apprentice Week 12

2010-12-07 11:00:00

This week Bill Cullen’s apprentices faced one of their toughest tasks, the one most of them were probably dreading. The semi-final on The Apprentice is the interview round, where Bill organises for four of his business colleagues to grill each of the final candidates in interviews. This generally makes for good television as we get to find out more about the candidates and see if they have any skeletons in their closets!

Normally at this stage there are only three candidates left but this year Bill had four; Will, Panos, Niamh and Michelle. All of the four candidates were grilled by Gavin Duffy, Mairead Fleming, David Bloch and Sheena Clohessy. Although the main objective is to interview the candidates, each of the interviewers is given particular instructions on what to grill them about.

One of the basic rules of an interview is to come prepared with an up to date C.V. written in a professional format. It seemed that the candidates couldn’t even manage this as some of them failed even this simple task. Will had spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and a very poor layout on his, making it one of the worst C.V.’s Mairead had ever seen. Michelle has been quite a strong candidate throughout but she also had spelling mistakes on hers and although Panos’ was well written he left out some details which was a vital error.

Gavin is generally the toughest interviewer and he stood by his reputation this year during each of the interviews. Michelle in particular seemed to break under the pressure as details about her past were revealed; however she did answer the questions honestly and didn’t lie about any of the details Gavin uncovered. Niamh seemed to not impress Gavin and he described her as bland while Will got a bit confused by some of the questions he was asked.

Before the candidates went before Bill in the boardroom he met with the four interviewers to get their assessments. They all agreed that Will was too inexperienced and Panos didn’t seem to have the drive and commitment that Bill was looking for. All four agreed that Michelle was a strong sales woman while Niamh was the strongest candidate of the three. Bill obviously agreed with their opinions because once all four candidates were back into the boardroom he chose to fire Will McCreevey and Panos Zametakis. After what was shown of the final four candidates over the past few weeks I would definitely agree with Bill’s decision to have Niamh and Michelle in the final.

With two strong candidates in the final it’ll be interesting to see who Bill chooses as his Apprentice in next week’s episode!

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