Apprentice Week 11

2010-11-30 12:30:00

After last week’s show saw two Apprentices being fired Bill was now left with only five candidates this week. As Michelle was on team Fusion on her own Bill moved Barry to join her which left a split of three against two. This week’s task involved creating a website and rewards scheme for Carry-Out off license, along with a social media campaign to support it. They emphasised that they were keen to target the female market as their main consumer base was male and they wanted to expand on that.

The teams had two days to complete the task, ending on a presentation in a designated Carry-Out store on day two. Elev8 found it hard to decide on a project manager as all three candidates were eager to take it but they eventually decided on Niamh. Fusion opted not to choose a project manager as there were only two of them but they eventually realised  this was a mistake and chose Barry. Elev8 split the team by sending Will to organise the event for the presentation while Panos & Niamh worked on the website. Will didn’t seem to work very well on his own though and had to ring Niamh a lot to get a second opinion. However, overall the team worked well together and gave a strong presentation with a good design.

The same could not be said for Fusion though as they didn’t work together well at all. Barry and Michelle seemed to clash on every decision and even their presentation was weak although their design looked well. As with other tasks Barry seemed to want to take charge and do everything himself which does not make a good team player. However, although Michelle didn’t agree with some of his decisions she seemed to just go along with them and not challenge him on anything.

After viewing both teams performance it was clear that Elev8 were going to win the task as although they were weak in some aspects, overall they were the better team. Barry Caesar Hunt and Michelle Massey were left to face Bill in the boardroom as he decided which one to fire. After a very heated discussion in which Michelle accused Barry of talking down to her and disrespecting her Bill chose to fire Barry. I can understand his reasons for firing Barry but to be honest I’m surprised he didn’t fire Michelle also.

Next week is the interview round which is always worth watching and it’ll be interesting to see which two candidates get through to the final!

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